Choreography For Seeds & Soil

Issue #12.1: What Now? — Interior Lives

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“As a society we have forgotten that farmer is a craftsman of the highest order, a kind of artist” – Wendell Berry

Duration: One Season


The air is thickening and moisture levels tell the living creatures it is time to go in, store energy and slow down. Outside, deciduous trees and shrubs have shed their leaves and revealed their naked skeletons. Their decaying leaves on the ground are being worked by a formidable invisible cast of earthly creatures. The ones we truly depend upon.

The soil is humid and ready for large seeds. Broad beans, peas and alike. Green edibles are awakening from their intimate dormancy.

It is time to practise a new choreography, for seeds & soil.



Step #1 – Early Season

You should be bare foot. Resting your skin in soil. From a vacant lot, a community garden, a backyard, a pot in a balcony, a native strip. If you don’t have some soil around, borrow it from a friend and pour it onto your lounge room floor.

Have a handful of seeds in your hand. They hold an ancient secret. Be gentle as they are sacred.

With your hands, open the soil. Brush your fingers and create a nest. Drop a seed. And brush it back gently covering the secret of life. Repeat the action. One at a time. Allow space in between for them to grow.

Pour water over your collaboration with the Mother. And notice how your hands operate the vessel as an extension of the fluids from your body moving back to where it came from. We are liquid creatures.


Step #3 – Late Season

Where have we been all this time? Hiding behind a scaffolding of gadgets and noise. Away from the true Mother. No sorrow. We don’t have time for that. We are acting now in restoration. The Mother is calling us all to emerge in our true existence as nature.

Sit by the stage you have helped to prepare. No need to perform anthropocentric egos.

Nature will give birth and you will witness her fruits emerging. Be patient as they take time to embrace different energy forms into an organic shape. It has a whole myriad of colours and tastes. You will have to keep giving it water, expose to sunlights and air to live.

You will share the bliss and excitement for life and rock and swirl in wild excitement.


The desire to survive.

You grew something.

You have danced.




All images by Gregory Lorenzutti.

Exclusively commissioned for the Dancehouse Diary