Issue #03: Less Is More

October-December 2012
The Dancehouse Diary wishes to take you on an intimate journey through dance as art of thinking movement. Connected to extending beyond our program, it is an attempt to nourish a site for critical discourse and bring a space for sharing the dance artists’ and thinkers’ vision of this world.

Less Is More

Minimalism, as defined in the arts but not only, does aim to expose the very essence of a subject by stripping it of all unnecessary features. In life, it works the same. It is a sort of poetical economy of everything. Read more...

How I Became A Minimalist

I had very little to work with, no track record, the worst supporting documentation ever, limited access to space and few resources. But I had a sense of urgency and I believed that the body was a medium so full of potential that it was possible to make something meaningful with very little. Read more...


Actively entering the conscious world once more, I realised that this was as much a commentary on the realities of contemporary life as it was a social and temporal experiment- Deanne Butterworth and Linda Tegg’s ‘Performance’. Read more...

About This Issue


 Angela Conquet


Anne Davier, Samuel Anderson, Becky Hilton, Matthew Day, Nick Walters, Stephanie Han, Antony Hamilton, Jo Scicluna, Cindy Van Acker, Michèle Pralong, Jude Walton, Linda Maria Walker, Atlanta Eke and Emma Kim Hagdahl.


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