What kinds of corporeal politics are possible today?

Far from presuming one definition of the political body, this issue is interested in exploring (bodily) activism, its circumstances/modes/contexts of emergence as well as its embodied choreographies. We invite contributions that investigate the new capacities, modes of agency and forms of coming together, which activism is able to generate or provoke today. We also seek contributions that endeavour to map out the geographies of resistance, and the performative assemblages of the body politic, as expressed through protest, transgression, rebellion, subversion, appropriation and modes of dynamic transformation.

Your contributions should be:

– 1000 word limit (max.) with biographic references or annotations included if appropriate (and not part of word count).
– 300 word biography for contributors
– a single A4 page CV

We also accept visual responses (drawings, photos). If submitting a visual response, images should be at print quality (300dpi, preferably jpeg or tiff formats), including credits for the image.


We are looking for articles that are innovative, challenging and experimental responses to the above editorial theme. Applications are now closed for Issue #10. If you are interested in contributing to this issue or another future issue but missed the deadline, please email


Your contributions will be considered by the board of editors, and in exceptional situations, may require editing or be subject to changes. These will be sent to the contributor for final review.

Successful contributors will NOT be remunerated.

All submissions and editorial enquiries should be emailed to: