Issue #02: What’s Coming?

June-August 2012

The theme of this issue was inspired by Alexandra Harrison’s project that she is currently developing at Dancehouse within her Housemate Residency. Her What’s Coming? will be a future’s festival, a sort of prophecy for the future of dance. Alexandra asked fellow artists to write a few lines on what they thought would come. We have included here some of those contributions and we also approached some other dance artists or writers. This is what they think is coming for dance and the world in general.

What’s Coming?

The predicament of independent dance artists continues to be fragile: limited funding spread across numerous practitioners and in a landscape in which ‘innovation’ reads like ‘novelty’ and towers above ‘reiteration’ or ‘consolidation’ in a forest of priorities. Read more...

About This Issue


 Angela Conquet


Philipa Rothfield, Ame Henderson, Prue Crome, Christophe Martin, Iain Woxvold, Debra Button, David Corbet, Hanna Pärssinen, Nadia Mercuri, Sally Gardner, Esther Anatolitis, Simon Ellis


Cover images and illustrations: Michael Fikaris

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Dancehouse would like to warmly thank all the contributors to this first issue of our Diary, for their trust and responsiveness. Special thanks to  Michael Fikaris for his wonderful drawings, Alexandra Harrison for inspiring this theme, Dominic Forde (Famous) for his patience and elegant design, Falk Schwalbe for allowing us to use his font Horst and Alice Dixon for the proofreading.

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