“De-screen” Your Body

Issue #12.1: What Now? — Interior Lives

The goal of this score is to “de-screen” our body and our bodily movement. We are spending so much time directing our attention and our energy towards screens on endless Zoom and Skype calls. This kind of work causes us to make ourselves smaller and to squeeze our bodies, our focus and our energies into a flat square, through a tiny lens. This score is designed for us to re-find our three-dimensionality and the expansive potential of our bodies and movement.

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  1. Clear a space big enough for you to move around in, with carpet or a yoga mat underneath you.
  2. Have your laptop open and have your image appear someway on the screen. You might “Start a new meeting” on Zoom or open FaceTime, but not actually call anyone.
  3. Then press play and follow along



Music Credit: “The Times Are Tired” by Alaskan Tapes

Image courtesy of the artist.

Exclusively commissioned for the Dancehouse Diary