Issue #12.1: What Now?

August 2020

So much has changed, is changing, in so short a time!

The forward march of economic and market forces has ground to a halt. Social interaction has become reconfigured, subject to state regulation, surveillance and intervention. We are finding ways to live and love within and according to this changing landscape. Wherever we find ourselves, we are reminded of the vulnerability of our bodies, our attention drawn to the precarity of life.

This issue, rather than being thematic, will unfold according to a more flexible format, taking shape over several incarnations. Issue #12 will therefore be staged across several ‘volumes’, articulated over time and drawn together under the title, WHAT NOW?

Issue #12 WHAT NOW? Vol. 1 Interior Lives – Scores for Confined Times (A collection)

For this volume we have invited dance and movement practitioners to propose a ‘score’ – an invitation to form new linkages through the body, and with other bodies; to creatively engage new ways of living and moving in confined environments but not only; to creatively explore inner life and external space; and to rethink the everyday in choreographic terms. Read more...

Zoom In

I wait in anticipation. I am ready for this. My living room looks fancy. Vintage decor with my elegant standing lamp in the corner. Beside it, is the Red recliner. Read more...

A series of movements

Where am I among the mess? Stolen land. Childhood home. The past (15yrs & yesterday). In the room with the spare things and the ‘things that can be dealt with later’. With the birds (here and not here). With myself (here and not here). Read more...

Choreography For Seeds & Soil

The air is thickening and moisture levels tell the living creatures it is time to go in, store energy and slow down. Outside, deciduous trees and shrubs have shed their leaves and revealed their naked skeletons. Their decaying leaves on the ground are being worked by a formidable invisible cast of earthly creatures. The ones we truly depend upon. Read more...

yuringguru listen

Grab your mask / Step outside / Find a beat / In tune with your heart / Where’s that place? / That ocean / That land / You belong to / That connects you / Look around / Do you see it yet? Read more...

Bodily Visions

Choose three of the cards below to construct your score, arranging them in any order. Each card represents a location within your home, and the three you choose form a path of movement for you to follow: beginning at the first, detouring through the second and ending at the third. Read more...

“De-screen” Your Body

The goal of this score is to “de-screen” our body and our bodily movement. We are spending so much time directing our attention and our energy towards screens on endless Zoom and Skype calls. This kind of work causes us to make ourselves smaller and to squeeze our bodies, our focus and our energies into a flat square, through a tiny lens. This score is designed for us to re-find our three-dimensionality and the expansive potential of our bodies and movement. Read more...

A Score for Another Day

For the last two years, I have been writing rather public reflections every four to six weeks. Reflections on my practice – art making, love, life – propelled by the need to (re)claim a narrative as I navigated the early days of the end of my marriage; that charting time was a way to process; and subsequently a recognition that this journey needed to be witnessed. Read more...

About Issue #12.1

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