Issue #12: What Now?

August 2020

So much has changed, is changing, in so short a time.

The forward march of economic and market forces has ground to a halt. Social interaction has become reconfigured, subject to state regulation, surveillance and intervention. We are finding ways to live and love within and according to this changing landscape. Wherever we find ourselves, we are reminded of the vulnerability of our bodies, our attention drawn to the precarity of life.

Had we forgotten our mortality?

As the world suspended its frantic course and we started to gasp for air, the planet has perhaps finally begun to breathe. “Business as usual” is no longer an option, certainly not with respect to our rituals of coming together, be it for experiencing art or simply socialising.  Although a time of loss, this is also an opportunity to reset and reimagine.

Will we be up to it?

Will we be worthy of it?

Will we be strong enough to see, listen, learn, act?

This issue, rather than being thematic, will unfold according to a more flexible format, taking shape over several incarnations, as a way to stay alert, mobile, ongoing and in progress.  Issue #12 of the Dancehouse Diary will therefore be staged across several ‘volumes’, articulated over time and drawn together under the title, What Now?

Zoom In

I wait in anticipation. I am ready for this. My living room looks fancy. Vintage decor with my elegant standing lamp in the corner. Beside it, is the Red recliner. Read more...