What is the Diary?

The Diary uses Dancehouse’s program as a starting point for introducing a theme or an artist but the Diary aims to develop that theme or further introduce an artist to the audience. It is a space for bringing dance, dance makers and dance issues to a wider readership in an intimate, innovative and inventive way. It is also the site for artists of different art forms and thinkers to share their thoughts about the moving body (and mind). Writings are specifically linked to events, artists, trends, and ideas associated with the current issues in dance, nationally and internationally.

How it sits with the Dancehouse vision and mission?

The Diary aims to bring the independent dance makers’ thinking to wider audiences. It aims at developing rigorous discourse around their work, triggering new perspectives and connections around their research. It is a catalyst for critical thinking and a poetic vision of dance and other related arts forms. It is Dancehouse’s mission to cultivate access and appreciation of this art form and for that, the Diary is a less ephemeral and a more in-depth attempt to make those connections.

Where it sits in the dance publications landscape, in Australia and internationally?

The Dancehouse Diary was very much inspired by the Movement Research Journal (USA) and Journal de l’ADC (Switzerland). There is no similar publication in Australia with this purpose and outreach.



The views and opinions expressed in this Dancehouse Diary are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the position of Dancehouse.