Issue #12.2: What Now?

October 2020

Volume #1 of our Covid issue entitled, Interior Lives, asked contributors to write a score, so as to reach out from their confined spaces and make bodily contact. As we began to receive our contributions, it became apparent to us that connecting is also a way of bringing about change regarding how we think about and feel through our bodies.

It is as if the landscape has changed or, to use Lena Hammergren’s term, as if the bodyscape has shifted. Volume #2 takes up this theme of corporeal change by posing its contributions as a series of topographic interventions, which reshape the body and its corporeal milieu.



Submerged is a score for movement inspired by a number of watercourses: Yoga Nidra as led by Jennifer Pearcy, the writings of Ursula Le Guin, Body-Earth guided somatic improvisation by Andrea Olsen, and Skinner Releasing online classes with choreographer Gaby Agis. Read more...

Rising Tides: Poetics of Now

Tides are rising literally and metaphorically everywhere in the world. Some might think back to images in the Titanic movie and the passengers holding their breath in an attempt to swim in the dark to reach the surface. Read more...

Fat Dance

This is a movement score based in Body-Mind Centering® and experiential anatomy. The score can be used in different ways: as a warm-up for dancing or other creative practice, as a personal exploratory field trip, as a solo or group improvisation. Read more...