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Issue #12.1: What Now? — Interior Lives

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Grab your mask

Step outside

Find a beat

In tune with your heart

Where’s that place?

That ocean

That land

You belong to

That connects you

Look around

Do you see it yet?

Would you fight to protect

The place of your birth

Your country

By the river

With the giant old tree

And that old man’s face

Imprinted and twisted

In its hardened old trunk

Where is it

Define it

Say her name

Write it down

Look around

Your people

To those you connect

Stop for a sec

And listen, just wait

Take note of their quest

For safety and solace

And someone to say

We see you

You’re heard

Your time on this earth

Has value and worth

Now open your toolbox

And get to work

Build temples

And homes

And spaces to dance

Places to learn

To question and sit

To witness the lives

Of the many and few

Essential or not

Gather them round

Build fires

And blankets

For warmth

And sleep

Somewhere to rest

Between battle and prayer

Is that why you’re here?

And what of your art

On stages

And cages

In hollow halls

Fuelled by coal

And privilege and promise

Of sky travel

Across country

The place of your birth

Look around

Do you see it yet?



Image courtesy of the artist.

Exclusively commissioned for the Dancehouse Diary