Stalker 2020

Issue #12.1: What Now? — Interior Lives

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Preparing this score for the page has been an interesting exercise in noticing the difference in temporality of forms – the page and the studio. Basically, it is a procedure, a kind of ‘entry procedure’, to get you to the juicy generative place that I’m really excited to invite you to. So, if you can, take your time, spend a while. And please, let me know how it was for you.


Notice your breath.

draw attention to the surface of your lips and nostrils. This is the first threshold.

Stay a while.


notice lungs.

They expand and contract, let it happen.

Stay a while


– invite oxygen –


picture your lungs

and now picture all their little branches, be as anatomically rational or queered fantastical as you need.

imagine how small and tight and many their farthest reaches become.


appreciate the will of oxygen

– It persists on its journey! –



love the meeting between oxygen and blood. Molecule for molecule. This is the second threshold


We are working these images through sensing, seeing, feeling.

We are moving toward a thicker form of inhabitation.


Insist on an expanding everywhere-ness. Its similar to the lungs, you know, the tiniest capillaries. We are getting toward the surface now.


The capillaries, at their very end, meet the sebaceous gland in the dermis of our skin. These glands are an avenue, or portal, tube that lead up through the epidermis to the top layer of our skin. The same oxygen that first passed by your lips, your nostrils. Travelling through this border crossing, oxygen meets the outside again.


Third threshold.



Hold this circulatory image. Move it toward sensation. Lips, lungs. veins, capillaries, glands, skin, atmosphere. This cyclical, constant thing. Work the image, dive in, inhabit. Find the fullest form.

Your skin, here, is a queer kind of border. A porous threshold. It is multitudinous, inexact and undemocratic. Its getting a bit, fuzzy, isn’t it, a bit, on edge, vibratory… its getting, leaky. Like, maybe you cant tell exactly where it ends or where it begins.


Buzz with traffic.


Pleasantly dissolve the lie of the oneness

the myth of your own sovereignty.

Co-create, with this happy oxygen a porous leaky self, emancipated from the cult of the individual.


Worry those borders!

How far can we go with this?







What might solidarity mean now?


We are getting close to the place. 5th threshold

In this place you are both visitor and visited. Navigate this.

Let me know when you have arrived.

In Tarkovsky’s 1979 film, based on Roadside Picnic by the Strugatsky brothers, sites of an unknown foreign visitation appear in various places on the earth seemingly overnight. They are full of strange debris that seem to possess supernatural properties. These places, which come to be known as ‘the zones’ become highly militarised and guarded. Entry is illegal. However, sub- cultures of people develop around the zones.

Peripheral figures; Outcasts, deviants, degenerates, queers, leftists. 

These people enter the zone, illegally, and they search for remnants, they search for artefacts.

These people call themselves, STALKERS



If you’re not here by now, where are you?

It’s ok.

Traces of the past become fragments to imagine new futures.

Whose ghosts are haunting you? Visit and be visited.




This is a dance.

Notice when they come.

Notice when they leave.

Dance with their lost futures

Next threshold.


Exclusively commissioned for the Dancehouse Diary

Image credit: Xenia Taniko in Rita Klaus by Martin Hansen. Photo by Jubal Battisti.