A series of movements

Issue #12.1: What Now? — Interior Lives

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Where am I among the mess?

Stolen land. Childhood home. The past (15yrs & yesterday). In the room with the spare things and the ‘things that can be dealt with later’. With the birds (here and not here). With myself
(here and not here).


And I needed to remember my sovereignty.
I needed to remember that any reason to move other than one I had freely decided – wasn’t a reason at all. I had to reorientate my reasoning: inward.

            m o v e m e a n t

We will not exist for the system. The system never meant for us to exist.
So when we move, it will be magic.
And it will be for us.
We will move to get to the places that nourish and sustain us.
We will move and be moved from//for our bodies, and each other, and the homes that form between us.

We will move for breathing and beating.

Move in the names of sovereignty, justice, freedom and love.
We will move for life force, for blood flow, energy flow and emotional flow.
We will move to process our experiences and release the tensions that hold us captive in our own hearts, minds and bodies.

We will move to learn from our bodies – dynamic harmony and balance,
beauty, softness, resilience, memory, intelligence and the many faces of rest.

We will expand beyond and within the walls that hold us. Acknowledge how our environments hold us.

And allow them to



We will not exist for the system. Because the system does not exist for us. And so for IT – we will not move, or be moved.
We won’t move for capitalist production incentives. We won’t move for fear mongering or false promises. And we won’t move for distractions, illusions or hate.
We will not move for the colony. We will not move for the cis-hetero patriarchy. We will not move for the industry. We will not move for the institution.

We will move for the truth.

We will move to sustain and protect and enrich LIFE.
We will move for kinship, in the direction of home.
We will move to reconfigure and heal home when home stagnates, restricts or harms.
We will move among the mess, we will find ourselves within the mess and part of the mess, and orientate ourselves – so that when we are faced with it again, we will know how to navigate it with efficiency.

We will move in service of our wellbeing, our liberation and our longevity:
(cups to the sink, signatures to the petitions, bodies to the music, reparations to
the oppressed, tears to the cheek, feet to the grass, laughter to the air).

We will move with empathy, receptivity, self worth, higher standards and imagination.
We will move with consideration for the impact of our movements.
In the less turbulent moments, we will strengthen. We will extend roots and relationship for communal nourishment and healing.

We will move for healing, for the *exercising*
of our frustrations, grief, rage and worry.

We will move for the sun falling across our
faces, shoulder blades and cheeks.

We will move. The gentle stretching into our realised selves, into our sovereign bodies, into our freed minds, into our liberation languages.
We will move, and in doing so – create. And in doing so – extinguish.
We will move intentionally in the service of our birthrites, our ancestors, our descendants, our communities, our lands, and all of our integrity and worth.
We will move, mostly, from within the confines of our own bodies and minds. We will move our thinking and our doing ~ towards something we can sustain.

When we choose to move, we will mean it. And it will be for us.



Pay the rent

Blak Lives Matter



Justice for Yuendumu: Inquiry on Police Shooting

Justice for David Dungay Junior

Sisters Inside

Grandmothers Against Removals

Raise the age

COVID-19 Victorian First Nations Mutual Aid Fund

Protect Indigenous Land- Wangan & Jagalingou



Listen. Bring your palms to the earth. Thank her ~ for keeping you alive. Bring your palms to your body. Thank yourself ~ for keeping you alive. Return.


Exclusively commissioned for the Dancehouse Diary