The Few Have Become the Many

Issue #10: The Many & The Few - Assembling the political

The body is irreplaceable in these politics of protest and activism is only possible though the body, with the body, onto the body.

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The idea behind this 10th issue of the Diary had been brewing for a very long while.

Perhaps because there have been very few spots left in the world which have not seen people in the streets in the past years. Perhaps precisely because these last 2-3 years, we have seen some significant protest movements which indicate that times are grave, hard to relegate to the fake news domain or simply, ignore.

With each of these marches, masses and masses of people came out in the streets, and the sheer assembly of bodies triggered sophisticated embodied choreographies of protest and/or resistance.

This issue endeavoured to map precisely those assemblages of the body politic (performative of not), as expressed through protest, transgression, rebellion, subversion… More importantly, it tried to reiterate the power and irrefutable weight that the body has in gathering the many to express the voice and rights of the few (or even the many). Because corruption and gun violence is not at all a(l)right.  Because making decisions for one’s body is a woman’s right. Because marrying whomever should be everyone’s right. . Because the corrupted State, the ruthless or simply corrupt financiers, the so very few holding the wealth of the so so many, because the dictators, the buffoons and the new Tzars and the ultra-nationalists and the neo fascists and the newly enlightened, and the all-time racists have broken loose. Because we are not puppets. Because we are not slaves. Because we can Occupy (the squares, from Tahrir to Taksim, and the churches ); because we can March (for Women, for Our Lives, for Black Lives to Matter). Because we can #Resist, because #NeverAgain, because #notinmyname and how many more ### !…

The body is irreplaceable in these politics of protest and activism is only possible though the body, with the body, onto the body. The flesh has always been at the heart of the world (Merleau-Ponty) but it’s not because the meat that carries the subject that the body has agency, as S. L Foster rightfully reminds us, it’s because “it calls forth a perceptive and responsive physicality that, everywhere along the way, deciphers the social and then choreographs an imagined alternative”.

The world is in this state because our (sense of) democracy has diminished, because our humanity is numbed, because our imagination has failed us.  One way to reconfigure reality is through the body. These can be the times of the few, because we are so many!