Listening Action for Dancehouse Diary #12

Issue #12.2: New Topographies of the Body

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Listening Action for Dancehouse Diary #12: What Now Volume #2: New Topographies of the Body (A Series) is an approximately 35 minute-long audio guided practice session for crying, through the lens of falling. It’s developed from a larger series of six video sessions, called Body Crying, created to facilitate practices of crying by engaging a range of physical (that is, structural and energetic) mechanisms, to shift attention from thought to body.

This is not necessarily about lamenting what causes us to cry, and not intended
as instructions for acting. This is made to be interpreted, to practice falling and crying not only as events that are caused, but as affectual causes themselves, through body-felt understanding.

This session begins with a meditation to physically ground and connect you to earth and space, then moves into a guided movement research focused on falling; a vital action in crying. Finally, there is an opportunity for you to practice crying, through your experience of falling. This practice is best experienced in an environment with room to move and fall. If other people are nearby, let them know to expect to hear the sound of crying.

Duration: 35 min
Sound and songs featured:
Walking and Falling by Laurie Anderson
raindrops (an angel cried) by Ariana Grande

Exclusively commissioned for the Dancehouse Diary