Dancehouse Diary #12.1 — Interior Lives

Dancehouse Diary #12: What now?

So much has changed in so short a time.

Dancehouse is embarking on a multi-volume online edition of the Dancehouse Diary titled, What Now? Comprising multiple volumes, we invite dance artists and thinkers to reflect on the multi-layered realities we currently face.

Our current and changing situation has not called a halt to bodily movement but it has shifted the things that a body can do. Until recently, our space of possibility has stayed inside, emerging into the public domain according to and under strict instructions. What does this suggest to the kinaesthetic imagination? What melody of movement comes to mind (and body) within the confines of viral circulation and social regulation?

Volume #1: Interior Lives — Scores for Confined Times (A Collection)

Edited by Angela Conquet and Philipa Rothfield, Volume 1 of the Dancehouse Diary is now seeking expressions of interest for the creative submissions of dancers and choreographers.

Contributors are invited to propose a score, one which is open to be ‘embodied’, enacted or practised by others, whether in movement or in thought. These scores could be prose, poetry, drawings, sound recordings, notation systems, letters, manifestos . They are a dance artist’s invitation to form new links with the body, and with other bodies; to creatively engage new ways of living and moving; to creatively explore inner life and external space; and to rethink the everyday in choreographic terms.

Expressions of Interest

This opportunity is specifically for Australian dancers and choreographers. You don’t need to have a creative writing practice. Each score in Volume 1 will be a maximum of 500 words.

Expressions of interest open until 15 June. Please include:

  • A 150 word outline of the proposed score OR a rough draft of the actual score (if preferred)
  • A maximum of 2 writing samples

No remuneration will be offered at the EOI stage but all contributors will be remunerated if invited to contribute to Volume #1: Interior Lives — Scores for Confined Times (A Collection).

Scores will be selected by 25 June with drafts due by 30 July. Volume 1 publication is slated for end of August 2020.

Submit EOI

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