About the Dancehouse Diary

DANCEHOUSE DIARY is a free intermittent publication published by Dancehouse Melbourne Australia. The publication invites a global cross-disciplinary approach with a view to articulate the many and subtle connections between the moving body, the body politic and the body social. Its aim is to activate creative and specifically corporeal thinking and imagination regarding how we choreograph our place in the world. Although DANCEHOUSE DIARY takes the moving body as subject matter, it is not a dance specialist publication nor a journal with academic ambitions. As such, it is a unique publication placing current corporeal reflections (with)in the societal, geopolitical and ethical context.

DANCEHOUSE DIARY was founded by Angela Conquet in 2012, former Artistic Director of Dancehouse (2011-2020). It is independently edited by Angela Conquet and Dr. Philipa Rothfield, with the assistance of issue-specific guest editors. It is published regularly online on its dedicated website and sometimes in print. The paper edition is conceived as a gift to the reader, an invitation to slow down, feel the thought and hold the time.


DANCEHOUSE DIARY is read by movement makers, practitioners and thinkers primarily but also academics and their students, artists, arts-savvy audiences.

Editorial Line

DANCEHOUSE DIARY is a publication based on discourse, dialogue and connection with other art forms and wider societal issues. Within and across issues, Dancehouse Diary aims to publish innovative and challenging content on the moving and thinking body, whether performed or every day as well as the dance artists’ and thinkers’ vision of the world in general. It aims to provoke cross-disciplinary thought and to articulate a most necessary connection of our bodies with our minds, of how we move and exist in the world and for the world.

Type of Contributions

DANCEHOUSE DIARY publishes commentary, essays, memoirs, interviews, poetry, choreographic scores, academic research and at times, drawings and photography. Contributions can be made via regular call out outs but also pitched or by invitation. Some articles are exclusively commissioned or translated. Sometimes we republish existing material.


The views and opinions expressed in this Dancehouse Diary are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the position of Dancehouse or of the editors.