Issue #01: Mobile Minds

March-May 2012

This diary interrogates how dancing bodies can tell us about the world we live in and how they can inspire us to move more meaningfully within our inner or outer spaces.We want to create the space where not only bodies move, but the minds as well. 

Mobile Minds

Distinguishing between travellers and mere tourists is the great sport of our time, one that even travel anthropology will occasionally participate in. The tourist experience is inauthentic, mass-produced, second-hand, tame. They spoil places and experiences with their very presence. Every self- respected travel writer has raged against them. Read more...

It Takes Two to Make Art Work

The relationship between the artist and their audience is enduring, empowering, transformational and critical as well as loving. And often, all at the same time. But what exactly does an audience contribute to an artist’s work? Why do artists engage with their audience? And how do artists know if it’s working? But first, why do we make art? Read more...

About This Issue


 Angela Conquet


Jana Perkovic, Tim Darbyshire, Ros Crisp, Luke George, James Welsby, Becky Hilton, Jochen Roller, Perrine Valli, Cressida Bradley, Russell Dumas, Atlanta Eke, Janice Florence, Nat Cursio.


Cover images and illustrations: Michael Fikaris

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