beyonding: a trans exegesis

Issue #12.2: New Topographies of the Body

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This piece was written in mind with the trans body necessarily, always, surveying new (bodily and material) topographies. The trans body in practice, in movement, has signification greater than ‘beyond-the-gendered-body’, or ‘beyond-a-body-which-it’s-come-from’, or ‘beyond-a-body-left-behind’, or ‘beyond-a-body-yet-to-be-arrived-to/in’. The trans body is a practice, which ‘beyonds’ bodies. Its call towards choreography, is a call towards choreographing the beyond. This beyond, transgresses bodies. The trans body is the form (one form), it takes to beyond. Into, and as, beyond-body, the body engulfs itself.



It is not to work against, or with, the body
/hold the body
is to make the body elsewise,
scan horizon, find body
urban heated-island, body

swelter between heat, and what-comes-next
body pause, spun for, around earth
filling space
of between-everything

textual, sprung from rock
body falls at night
body, terrain-fallen

is concerned no intimacy
body, that bloods

/the blood that shared


concerned no animacy
built the body up

height; emblematic

emblematic leaf

body of

feeds itself

all that is attacked comes from within,
or so they say







written on unceded Gadigal lands

Exclusively commissioned for the Dancehouse Diary

Image: bird bodied, Raynen Bajette O’Keefe