Rising Tides: Poetics of Now

Issue #12.2: New Topographies of the Body

Tides are rising literally and metaphorically everywhere in the world. Some might think back to images in the Titanic movie and the passengers holding their breath in an attempt to swim in the dark to reach the surface. For many, tides are literally rising in their backyards, seeping in and across floorboards. The tide: earths fluidic system with its eternal rising and falling. This thought can give an embodied sense of calm and in the same instant, a sense of dread. The other meaning of tide is a powerful surge of feeling or trend of events; the rising tides of social extremism and the ebb and flow of Coronavirus all around the world.

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In these extraordinary times, where constraint and restrictions are our everyday companions, as an artist, I’ve wondered how to respond. Back in March I transferred my classes online and I created audio guided movement sessions for my students. They told me that these sessions created a intimate space for them to explore a deeper interconnection between mind, body and imagination. I wanted to create a version for the dance community, a dance score of sorts, and as a counterpoint to the tumultuous era we are living in. Rising Tides: Poetics of Now invites the participant to contemplate the life of the ocean and to physically explore tiny micro movements deep inside the body.

(duration: 25 min)

Sound: Marcus Whale

Exclusively commissioned for the Dancehouse Diary