Score Cards

Issue #12.1: What Now? — Interior Lives

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Basic Level
  1. Download the PDF
  2. Print it out (ideally on thick solid paper) and cut along the lines to make score cards.
  3. Shuffle the cards.
  4. Pick one card and execute the score on the card for one minute (this duration can vary from 15 seconds to 15 minutes). Some of the scores are self-explanatory while others have some room for your interpretation as you execute, so explore it. For instance, with ‘circling’, you can make a circular motion with a body part of your choice (a finger, pelvis, shoulder etc.) or move your whole body or an object in a circular trajectory. When executing a score, pay attention to the speed, scale and texture of your movement. Feel free to incorporate any object in your exploration.
  5. After one minute, set aside the card you just executed and pick another card to continue the same process.
  6. Repeat the same process until you run out of the cards.


Level 2

Once you feel that you have explored all the scores enough, you can move up to the next level.

Choose two cards at the same time and execute the two scores on the cards for a minute and half (again, this duration can vary). Now you can explore ways to execute two scores. One example is to assign one body part to one of the scores and another to the other score. Another example is to shift between the two scores.


Level 3

I am sure that you have guessed what is coming. Yes, pick three cards and you know what to do.


The Scores

Score Cards was drawn from Ryuichi’s performance work How I Practice My Religion.

Image courtesy of the artist.

Exclusively commissioned for the Dancehouse Diary